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    Default air conditioning condensate drain pipe question

    I had the air conditioner condensate drain clog up. Apparently the drain pipe is connected by two traps and a clog developed in one of them. The service guy who unclogged the drain suggested to remove one of the traps. These drainage pipes get clogged quite a bit and sometimes cause water to overflow and cause damage. Is this a good idea to remove one of the traps to reduce the clogging?

    Another thing, I called one of the plumbing places and they said it could be dangerous to remove one of the traps as this could cause sewer gas to come into the house. Is this true?

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    Default Re: air conditioning condensate drain pipe question

    What is the condensate line draining in to? You say it has to traps are they both on the condensate line? It should have no direct connection to a sewer line. If it is connected to a sewer line it should be done with a indirect connection.


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    Default Re: air conditioning condensate drain pipe question

    1. If your A/C unit is equipped with two drain lines, keep two drain lines active.

    2. these two lines should lead to the outside of the building and drain no more than 6" above ground. That means: they should not drain into a sewer line, gutters/downspout (for roof mounted A/Cs).

    If your drain lines clogg too often, your most likely reason is algae. Perhaps you can improve the slope of the drain line to avoid accumulation of water in the line, or periodically pour some clorinated/bleached - water mix (1:10 ratio) in the line to kill the algae.
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    Default Re: air conditioning condensate drain pipe question

    If you had an A/C company install your unit, you could have them consult as well. See if your unit has lifetime warranty, but consulting an A/C technician would be helpful in any case.
    Having a swig of bleach poured down the condensate pipe at least once a year should be enough to keep it clear.
    Be sure to use proper Hidden Content on your structures.

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