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    I have laminate flooring in livingroom and need to replace several boards because when you walk on it, it sinks down and are broke. heres the question the area is right in the middle of the room under the doorway between the livingroom and kitchen. so where and how do i begin to take the boards up. tired of walking on boards and hearing cracks and pops.

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    if its right in the door way you may be able to take up less flooring than if it were in the middle of the room. i would use either a plunge cut saw. or a circular saw with an old blade set to the depth of the flooring thickness. cut a few peices of the laminate next to the doorway and pull them up, weaving back a couple peices so you can peice new ones in provided you have extra. from there simply pick up a transition strip to hide the gape between the flooring in the doorway.

    otherwise you will have to remove the baseboard and take up full the flooring throughtout the entire room
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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