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    Unless he lives where it freezes. In the winter, snow and ice will melt, get between and under the bricks only to heave them up once the water re-freezes at night.

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    Default Re: Building a new deck

    Nop! It winters perfectly well. And this is a canadian winter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Housedoc View Post
    Just a suggestion - if you ever get tired of concrete look or if it get stains etc... you can put a layer of thin interlock brick right on top - looks great and doesn't require any preparation just glue the border row down not the incide ones.
    That's a really good idea for our current concrete patio. We also could paint it.

    First thoguh, it's need a little TLC. It's raised, but didn't have poured footings on the perimeter, so the aggregate based si exposed and it's not undercut. I'll probably need refill it and put up maybe a brick face around it to protect it.
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