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    Question Refacing brick w/ stone veneer

    I just bought a house, and I would like to reface the brick retaining wall out front with thin stone veneer. The wall seems pretty sound, but there are some areas where some of the bricks are chipped off and its looking kinda shabby.

    My plan is to cover the brick with wire mesh, apply a scratch coat and start putting on the veneer.

    Will this approach work or is it not reccomended? Thanks

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    Default Re: Refacing brick w/ stone veneer

    It won't work if you don't know how to do it.

    This is: 1. a hard physical job, and 2. a job that requires experience and know how. There are numerous tricks of the trade that you need to know.

    Let me suggest contacting a mason.

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    Default Re: Refacing brick w/ stone veneer

    yes that is some of the basics. if it will work or not depends on how much research you do on it. remember a couple of the biggest mistakes people make on this type of project is not making sure that the lathe is properly attached to the substrate, and second don't try to stack them to high at a time. do few rows high then let is set for a day

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