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    Help, help, help!!!! I have a bank (UGH) in my back yard with steps (3-4) leading up to another level of the yard (oh yes). These steps need replacing and I do not have a clue what to use to use to replace them other than paving bricks. I need something that is safe and not slippery and help on how to do this. The inital steps were not built very well and look atrocious!.

    Also, I would like to replace much of the foliage on the bank. At the moment the bank has low growing shrubs, and lirope (which is out of control). I would also like plants that would hold back water since I get a lot of run-off from the neighbors.

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    for this you can do a few fifferent things, you can use stone, have a contractor build you concrete stairs, or with pressure treated 6x6's
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    For the foliage, you might have to adjust the slope elevation if it is indeed run-off issues. Aside from some moss or pond grass, unless you have very thick plant growth near the water it will still have run-off.
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    Definitely you should build satires of stones, and bricks...

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