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    I have installed a 9"x9"x1' drain box connected to a 4" plastic corrugated pipe 60'long in the lowest spot in my yard.It runs from the back yard to the curb.This is the location that the water has drained from the yard for years.My problem is that all the water from the yard comes to that one location; and when it rains hard and fast the drain seems to get overwhelmed and backs up.There is no clog in the drain and if i stir the water it drains instantly.Do I need to add an vent pipe between the box and the curb?
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    Howdy you could dig down and install a y pipe itno the drain pipe below the box and then elbow up a small pvc pipe to vent the system . The vent pipe should extend above the average hieght of rain surface water next to the drain box.

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