All of our kitchen cabinet hinges are in cruddy, crumbling, disgusting condition. Most of the doors don't stay shut properly. When we bought our house as a foreclosure, serious fixer-upper, we planned on replacing the kitchen when budget allowed. Well, now we've looked at the cabinets with new light. They are pretty unique, custom mid-century modern, very danish modern like with a teak veneer, and they are back in style. It just might be possible to give them a new veneer and stain and update the rest of the kitchen, but I need to know what I'm getting into.

They are face frame hinges. I would post a photo, but TOH won't let me based on my limited posting capabilities. I've seen similar types on-line, but wonder if I'd have to have the exact hinge style? If I can find one very similar would it not be impossible for a contractor to help us retro-fit them?

Thanks for your help! Message me for photos.