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    Default major basement flooding(sanitary)

    I purchased a home about 8 mos. ago, and everytime we get rain, my basement gets between 3 to 8 inches of water from the sanitary lines. There is a very old backwater preventer inside the house but my belief is that it is shot and needs replacement. is there any way to replace this valve without doing it in the house?(in the yard near the cleanout by the street?) is there any other solutions to stop this water from flooding my house every time it rains?

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    Default Re: major basement flooding(sanitary)

    There is an episode of Ask This Old House where Richard replace a back flow preventer that was not working. This one was already outside between the house and the street so it can be done as long as it is permitted by your towns building department and sewer service.

    It will cost a lot more to replace it with one that is outside the house since a hole will need to be dug, a liner may need to be installed to give future access, etc. You should get several bids and references for a job like this. Depending on the length of time it takes to install you may be without a bathroom for a few days.


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