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    Default Old Halo recessed lighting fixtures, what to do?

    I just moved into a house which has some old Halo lighting fixtures. They look exactly like this (can't post links since I'm new to the board):


    Same model number and everything.

    They're in the living room and before we repaint, I was planning on taking out an old fixture in the middle of the room and replacing it, and I was thinking of doing the same with these Halo fixtures. There's two of them, one in each corner of the room, and they don't have working bulbs.

    Can anyone tell me anything about these? The house was built in the 30's. Is it worth keeping them? I'd rather not tear them out and patch the ceiling, but now is the time to do it before we repaint the room and the ceiling.

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    Default Re: Old Halo recessed lighting fixtures, what to do?

    It's your call.

    If they are in working order, look fine and may be of some value to you, keep them. I would.

    But if they are not functioning, and you simply hate them, remove them and repair the drywall, before you paint.

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    Default Re: Old Halo recessed lighting fixtures, what to do?

    If it's a matter of location or function, relocate or replace them. If it's a matter of aesthetic, purchase new face plates for them.
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    Default Re: Old Halo recessed lighting fixtures, what to do?

    Because of energy and fire safety issues and because the sockets and internal wiring is probably brittle I would replace them with airtight, in contact (IC) styles with compact flourescent (CFL) lamps.

    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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