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    Default Solar panels & unidentifiable tank

    We purchased a foreclosed home that has solar panels on the roof and a square water holding tank by the normal hot water heater. There are no model names or numbers besides a sticker for a no longer in service plumbing company. Attempts to find information on the internet have been fruitless. We want to use the system and need the break in our utility bill.Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    I can't get the pictures to post since I've less than 10 posts. I can email them if you're willing to take the time to look at them.

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    Default Re: Solar panels & unidentifiable tank

    Just a guess, But I would say the tank is a heat exchanger. Solar system are generally sealed systems, the heated fluid runs through coils in and exchanger tank and transfers the heat to the potable water.
    If you want pictures posted e-mail; them to me and I will post them.
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