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    Default how much money

    I would like to know what is the going rate on a finished board of drywall? In a building I need 90 sheets hung and finished, what would you all charge? thanks

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    Default Re: how much money

    What floor is the work?

    Floors and or ceilings?

    Tape and float?

    What thickness drywall?

    On site trash disposal available?


    Any demolition?

    Insulation at the same time?

    Vapor barrier?

    You'll fare better with the local yellow pages.

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    Default Re: how much money

    what region, labour rates vary from area to area, as do materials plus disposal

    around here its roughly $0.50/sq ft for a basic 8 ft ceiling house with no matching existing plaster. some guys will only do a bond coat and 1 skim, better guys will do 2 skims and you wont see a single seam.

    also in some area of hte states disposal fees are based on the volume. where as here we pay by the ton though the rate varies based on what exactly your getting rid of.

    im with havana, call around your local guys, ask the guys on the contractor desk at your closest lumberyard or drywall wholesaler
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