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    Default Watering Pots & Baskets

    I have an automatic watering system to water pots, containers and baskets....its set to come on for 5 mins twice a day (7am & 7pm).

    What I notice is that within a few minutes water is streaming from some of them but the soil is not fully saturated. so likely water is finding its way down edges or cracks in the soil.

    Is there a recomendation on planting that will help prevent this? Wondering if should in future years add a saucer at botton of them (i.e. within the pot not under) to catch some of this and then once this is filled it can overflow and come out of the drainage holes.

    Any ideas / other solutions?

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    Default Re: Watering Pots & Baskets

    When soil becomes too dry and compacted, it doesn't soak up water as readily as when it's somewhat moist and loose in the pot. This is why you want to repot periodically and use a mix that's got "water grabbers" in it such as vermiculite and peat moss.

    Using pots with an integrated saucer will give water a place to pool until the soil/plant can absorb it, so a reservoir of some sort is a good thing.
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