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Thread: Water Pressure

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    Unhappy Water Pressure

    I am restoring an old apartment house and have redone the plumbing completely, but I have no water pressure upstairs. I need advice. I am not a professional plumber.


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    Default Re: Water Pressure

    There are a couple of things I can think of but first, how is the pressure downstairs? Is it very good or just passable?

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    Default Re: Water Pressure

    2 story, 3 story, 4 story ?

    How many apartments?

    What type of material did you replace with? Copper, galvanized pipe, PEX, CPVC ??

    Trunk and branch system or homeruns for each apartment?

    If trunk and branch.....what size are the main trunks and what size are the branches? They may simply be too small for the task at hand.

    Is there a PRV (pressure reducing valve) on the main line coming into the building? It might have a clogged screen or it may be set too low...or malfunctioning. They don't last forever.

    What size is the main line entering the building from the street? Is it perhaps choked down with lime or rust? This would reduce your flow from the get-go....before it ever hits your trunks or homeruns.

    Is there a whole house filter? Might be clogged.

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