OK everyone I have am having a problem with my sump pump and the vibration noise it makes. Originally it just laid on the basement floor and ran out through the garage door but but I changed it. I used two inch pvc pipe and unions.

First attempt I ran the pipe up and along the floor joists and out the side of the house and found that the pump vibration follows the pvc and makes an unacceptable amount of noise, (it's loud).

Second attempt I figured I'd run the pvc to the basement foundation (cement) wall and along it to the exit point. I thought the wall would help absorb and muffle the the vibration, the noise is even more unacceptable, (it's louder).

I used oversized galvy clips and wrapped the pvc with insulation tape at the clips so the pipe wouldn't come in contact with the joists or foundation with no luck so far. I'm sure someone out there knows the correct or better way to do this than I'm doing it.

Thanks Sten