I'm trying to pick out a gift for my boyfriend's birthday. He recently bought a new house, so I'd like to be able to get him something related. Unfortunately, all this DIY stuff is new to me, so I'm still a little lost when it comes to picking out something useful!

I've been leaning towards either a new power tool (he currently has a drill, jigsaw, and detail sander, but has been eyeing belt sanders) or something related to storing/organizing the tools he already has. I've looked at tool chests, which has left me feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm aiming to spend $200-300, and I feel like I'd need to go beyond that for a decent set (the sets I was looking at ranged from $390-450). I also wonder he has enough tools to make something like that useful.

I'd love any suggestions about home improvement-related products that have been really useful (or those that have been on your own wish list for awhile)! Would a tool box be more suitable than a tool chest? How useful are belt sanders (we've been doing a lot of painting and cabinet refinishing, though I wonder if a belt sander is overkill for some of that)?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!