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    Default How to wall mount cast iron fireplace screen?

    My husband and I purchased a salvaged fireplace screen. We're looking for advice to secure this 20x26, 40-lb piece to a plaster wall in which studs are masked by wood slats.
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    Default Re: How to mount fireplace screen.

    kitk- 10 mos. w/ 179 vws and no suggestions...that stinks. On one hand you may have already figured something out...but on another, maybe you still need a suggestion so I'll throw out what I'd do if I was in your shoes.

    I'd take several digital photos of the fireplace & the area you're working w/ at home and I'd write any critical dimensions down on paper. I'd take the screen, measurements, and pics to a small hardware store (not a big box chain store) and show/tell them what you're up against.

    The 40# screen will be fun to lug into the store , but having everything on-hand will help you all determine your best options for securing it.

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