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    I live in southeast Ok,

    Question When to transplant?

    I live in southeast Oklahoma, and I am wanting to make a natural fence line with exsisting cedar trees, but they need to be transplanted, they are 1 to 2 feet tall. I need to know what time of year is the best time to transplant the trees?

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    The best time to transplant them is early fall. They will need water and soaking to develop roots quickly. One of my favorite trees.

    Google CEDAR, and you can get a lot of info about the various cedars out there.

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    I would not recommend putting the trees on the exact fence line. Pull them in several feet from the line so that when it comes time to repair or replace the fence the trees are not in the way. Also, there will never be any line disputes or question or who's trees they are with them inside the line.
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