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    Default Re: Curb stop stuck open

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post
    The last two suggestions will make the water company jump to shut your meter off, at once. They are very funny too.

    Only one problem: after you do your repairs, you won't have water service.

    Then what? call the water company again to renew service?

    This time around it won't be so quick AND they may ask for a large deposit...

    The best way to get them over is to explain to them that you need to make some remodeling, and that your plans are being delayed because you can't turn the meter shut off valve.

    BTW, I can't understand their lack of cooperation. What if you had an emergency? After all it's their valve ! Call and call and call, be a pest and they'll do it.
    I should hope that my/our intent at humor was obvious enough- it does seems that most folks got it And being a 'phone pest' can get you worse service in some places and legal problems in others if they tell you to stop calling but you don't Around here, generally if you're nice and efficient so are they. If you're not, you won't like the results!

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    Default Re: Curb stop stuck open


    I appreciate your thoughts and I do get your humor. I even mentioned that it was very funny.

    I don't see what the fuss is all about...

    The issue is a simple case of lazy water co. employees, who promise to do something and neglect to follow thru. I'm sure they have suprvisors, managers, dispatchers to complain to.

    In my city, the customer is still right by demanding a functioning, not leaking shut off valve. Besides, it's a safety issue. What's the big deal?

    And if you mention legal customer is penalized for being a phone pest, but a customer may be penalized for lying (in the form of higher deposit).

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    Default Re: Curb stop stuck open

    In most cities, the city is responsible up to the curb valve. Call them to repair it. When they do, install a shut off valve on the outlet side of your water meter so that you have the ability to isolate the water supply to your entire house.

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