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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancytsimpson View Post
    We are moving into a house built in 1883 with dirt still in the basement. The precious owners said to keep a bulb burning 24/7 to keep mold from growing. True or false? I'd rather save the electricity. Thanks for your help.
    Running a fan to move the air around and installing a moisture barrier on the dirt may work better.

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    The bulb may provide a nominal amount of heat to assist drying but with one bulb alone it would take lab-grade instrumentation to detect the difference. Just lay a vapor barrier then ventilate it and you should be fine. "Gravity ventilation" may be enough; a high air outlet to the outside and a low air inlet directly across the area. If could be manually or thermostatically closeable during winter months to save with heating. If not, continuously powering a small fan system will cost very little, less than a 100 watt bulb, and be more effective too.


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