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    Default Stain peeling from deck.

    I have a 400 squard foot deck, in northern California, it gets very cold with little snow in the winter, and hot during the summer months. My problem is that I used BEHR Premium Wood-Toned Deck, Fence & Siding Weatherproofing Wood Finish. Everyyear I have to re-coat the stain on my deck, because the stain peels. I was told that I am using too much stain on the deck, and I have to sand all the stain off the boards and re-stain. Any suggestion???

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    Default Re: Stain peeling from deck.

    Yes, that's true.

    More stain over what you got will peel off too. Next time you stain the deck, follow the suggestions that were discussed here before. Just search past questions and you'll find answers.

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