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    Default Bedford House (2011)

    Hi I didn't see a new thread set up for the Bedford house so I though it would be o.k. to set one up. I just wanted someone to know that the webcams are down and just showing still recorded images. I do hope they get it fixed and I hope to see other posts about this house it is an interesting project and I know I am looking forward to seeing it.

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    Default Re: Bedford House (2011)

    i am right there with you on this one, sounds to me like their most interesting project to date.

    from the site "Finally, if the budget allows, Joe, an accomplished DIYer who's watched nearly every episode of This Old House, will work with Norm to turn a detached two-car garage into the full-fledged woodworking shop of his dreams. With careful planning and the expert craftsmanship provided by the TOH TV crew, this American icon of a house is poised to survive for another 300 years."
    Joe sounds like a pretty lucky guy to me!!
    another reason to be excited about this fall

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    Default Re: Bedford House (2011)

    I would love it if they finally have another project where the homeowners actually swing a hammer and work up a sweat. The absentee land owners who just write big checks off-screen have been really bringing down the show (that barn project with the annoying mom who wore 4 tank tops at once being the worst lately). Maybe they are going back to their roots. I can't wait to see this one. I'd love it if they discussed budgets again too.

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