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    Default Mudding over stucco?

    Im purchasing a house that is made with concrete block and stucco.
    it has an addition in the rear, made of additional concrete block and stucco. But the original exterior, now interior wall is still as it was - covered by stucco and green in color like the rest of the house exterior.
    obvously i would like to convert this exterior wall to an interior wall now, and make it white and look like the rest of the drywall-covered walls in the house.

    what is the best way to do this?

    1) build a 2X4 framing up against the concrete block and hange drywall?

    2) use a vapor shield and hang the drywall

    3) just use drywall mud to plaster over the stucco texture and then paint it white?

    i would like to go with option 3, but i dont know if that will work well or not.

    thanks for any input on this.


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    Default Re: Mudding over stucco?

    Before you decide how to finish this wall, why not find out how the rest of the interior walls are finished?

    Then just match the existing walls, providing that you are satisfied with them.

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    Default Re: Mudding over stucco?

    Chech on the veneer plater systems that are available in your area.
    Some are Acrylic others are gypsum based.
    They maybe be applied in a color.
    Some will require a bonding agent.
    No sanding will be required.
    Products to check on:
    San Marco
    Master of Plaster
    USG Diamond Plaster
    USG Imperial Plaster
    **** Bond Veneer Plaster
    Keim products
    And there are many others.

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    Default Re: Mudding over stucco?

    If the stucco is of smooth texture, I'd use z-channel (metal) attached to the block with a Ramset, and drywall over that. Only if you wanted to add plumbing or electric to the wall should you take the space from the room that a full 2x4 wall would require. If you are in an area of cold winters, you can use rigid foam insulation 1" thick between the sections of z-channel to get something like up to R-6 on the wall. It helps the pervading cold feeling at exterior corners/ block walls can conduct out a lot of room heat where part of the wall is outside and the rest indoors. Plaster alone would not permit any added insulation value, but would be least costly and involved.
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    Default Re: Mudding over stucco?

    Do they insulate houses in Miami, Florida, and if so, is it to reduce heating costs in winter or reduce air conditioning costs in summer?

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