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    Default I need help with my oven!!!

    I turn my oven on and once it reaches the preset temperature, it shuts off and wont maintain the temperature. I can hear a faint clicking by the knobs to turn on the stove. Any idea whats wrong? I greatly appreciate the help!

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    Default Re: I need help with my oven!!!

    Probably needs a new thermocouple, thermostat, or heating element. Electric? gas?
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    Default Re: I need help with my oven!!!

    When you say it shuts off, how do you know it shuts off? For example, in my oven, the heating coils get red when hot so I know they're on. Once they reach the required temperature, it shuts off the coils and only turns them back on when it gets below the required temperature. If I hold the door open, it knows the heat is escaping and it regulates by turning them back on so the coils get red again.

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