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How do you install a shutoff valve? I have a capped-off gas line on the first floor of my two-flat -- the former owners once had a stove there, but they moved to the top floor and had the stove uninstalled.

It looks like it's as simple as shutting off the gas to the first floor, unscrewing the cap on the line, and screwing in the shutoff valve using thread sealer for gas lines. Is there anything I'm missing?
Congratulations on reviving a thread that's over 2 years old. Next time, you're better off starting your own thread for a question.

But, since you asked... you've got the basics down. Just make sure the thread sealant is suitable for gas. Also make sure the area is well ventilated to the outside, and extinguish any open flames and turn off any heating appliances. Also avoid flipping light switches or using power tools while you're changing things up, since some residual gas will leak out of the lines.

After you've got the valve installed, make sure it's turned off while you turn on the main supply. Wait several minutes, then use soapy water to check for leaks -- if it bubbles, there's a leak that must be addressed. Small leaks are NEVER acceptable.

Be very careful the first time you light a pilot on a newly connected appliance. (Many modern appliances use electronic ignition, so this doesn't apply.) It may take a while to purge air out of the lines before gas gets to the pilot. NEVER light a match or lighter while the valve is open and the pilot is unlit; always light the match first, bring it next to the pilot, then open the valve. If the match goes out, immediately shut the valve.