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    Default Bathtub Faucet Supply Line Question

    We have had to remove the tiles in our bath due to a leaky pipe in the wall. The riser to the shower head is made from 4 separate pieces of tubing, each with a nasty looking solder job. In addition, the faucet has been plumbed backwards (hot and cold switched), which means that you start with scalding water, which is unsafe for kids.

    When we finally saw the terrible connections inside the wall, I was inspired to install the fixture again from scratch, which shouldn't take me too long, but I did notice an odd detail. The risers to the faucet connections use T fittings, with extended capped sections past the fitting, instead of Ls that go right to the fixture. Is there a reason I would want to recreate this extended section when I switch the supply lines, or should I just do 90 degree bends into the faucet fixture?

    I've tried to attach a picture for clarity, but I appear to be too new to the forum
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