I recently moved into a 1960s built home (Silver Spring, MD). I see that nails are popping out from walls and ceiling throughout the home. A small bulge appears and in weeks, it cracks open, exposing nail head. I used a punch, drove them in (just a tap). Nails appear to be very lose in their holes.

I hear random(5-15 per 24hrs) noises all the time, more if I change thermostat setting (say to 68 from 73 or hot day to cold night). Noises are like a snap/cracking whip or like when you try to remove old, stuck nail using claw hammer from wood or like expansion/contraction sounds of office buildings with large glass & aluminum side-walls.

I see attic insulation is weak (fiber glass, blown in, has compressed/settled to about 1.5 - 2 inches, bald at places) & not ventilated well, gets super hot inside.

I am inclined to think that temp variation, noises & nails popping are connected.

I am thinking of using drywall screws every where, options are:
1. Drive popped nails back in, put a new drywall screw, like 2" from nail.
2. Remove nail, as they pop, drive a matching sized screw into same hole.

I wish to have all problems solved...
any suggestions much appreciated, thanks