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    Default Gap Under Front Concrete Patio

    There is a cavity under the concrete patio on the front of my townhouse and it looks terrible and I don't want to hide it with bushes.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    I was thinking about chipping off the excess concrete, building forms flush to the preexisting concrete, fashioning a hole to funnel concrete through, to build down the sides of the concrete.

    Then I would probably resurface the entire patio because it is in disrepair as a whole.

    I was thinking hydraulic cement to fill the gap, but I'm not sure.

    I can't post the pictures I have, which is pretty annoying, but if anyone is interested I could email them, or send you the imageshack link...

    I'd really like to diy this, and have been having trouble finding and info on this project.

    If I can do this project, I'll contemplate taking up the concrete walk leading to the patio/steps and putting a new walk down myself, because it has been pitched by tree roots.

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    Default Re: Gap Under Front Concrete Patio

    Before you decide to do such a concrete job, it's good to find out what caused the imperfections in the first place, correct and continue.
    How big is the area you are talking about?

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    Default Re: Gap Under Front Concrete Patio

    You can post a link to your image, you just have to be sneaky about it. Put a space between the www and the rest of the address, then all we have to do is copy/paste it and remove the space.
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