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    Default Cleaning behind gas stove

    Lately I have been noticing tiny insects crawling out from under the gas stove. I am not sure how to clean behind/under the stove. Since it is a gas stove I am hesitant to pull it out and clean it. Does this require professional help or can this be done by me? Help!!
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Cleaning behind gas stove

    I assume that your gas stove is a freestanding gas range-oven combo which can be pulled out.

    Most free standing gas stoves are connected to the gas supply with a flexible corrugated gas line, which is long enough to allow the stove to be pulled out.

    feel safe to do that to gain access the the area behind it.

    And, while the stove is out and the gas line is visible, clean it and visually inspect it. If you notice a crack, a bad kink in it or if you smell gas, replace it or have it replaced.

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    Default Re: Cleaning behind gas stove

    The above is correct, but that flexible supply line wasn't designed to flex on a regular basis like weekly or even monthly, so keep the behind-stove cleaning to a minimum. On many stoves you can get to everything under it by removing a drawer or panel at the bottom, which saves you some moving work and saves the flexible supply line which will now last as long as the stove does!

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    Default Re: Cleaning behind gas stove

    This is my most unfavorite part of kitchen cleaning. The cleaning of the my gas range and oven. It's hard to maintain the back part clean all the time because it's hard to reach and it's hard to move it all the time I do cleaning. Well I still have no choice but to clean it anyways. I schedule the cleaning once a month. I haven't reached to a point that I see insects crawling from there under.

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    Default Re: Cleaning behind gas stove

    after you clean up put down some cornmeal will control any type of bugs a little goes a long way works great on ants they eat it take it back to the nest an kills them

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