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    We have a septic system. Sometimes the ground is wet in the yard in that area. It's not sewage, just water. Mostly happens when doing a lot of laundry. Is this common or do we have a major problem?

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    Get the septic checked as standing water is not a good sign. I also replied to you other post. It sounds like your other problem is related to your septic problem. Snaking will not help if the septic is failing.


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    It's likely that the soil around and over the drain field is too compacted to leach properly. If the effluent can't go out it goes up. That happens a lot here with the high clay content of our local soil. Then proper fix is to remove the soil around the drain field and replace it with better soil- you may have to dig the gravel out and clean it first. If you have room a cheaper fix is to extend the drain field to a new non-compacted area but since you're going to be digging up the yard anyway I say fix it right. I'd avoid the new wrapped 'soil pipe' even if it meets code with soils which don't leach well- better the old gravel bed with soil fabric to keep the dirt out in places with compaction issues as it gives the effluent more room to flow before saturating.

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