Our house is 40 years old so all our plumbing is metal. We had to temporarily remove a bathroom cabinet that houses the sink, and I tried to reconnect everything tonight. The cabinet is definitely not 40 years old, and the drain plumbing is plastic down to, and including, the trap. The part of the drain that comes out of the wall is metal (chrome) with a captive nut that screws onto the threads on the trap.
That connection between the metal and plastic insists on leaking. It did NOT leak before I took it apart. I tried connecting it without teflon tape, I tried a normal amount of tape, and I tried a LOT of teflon tape. (It had teflon on it when I took it apart.) I tried just making it finger tight, and I tried using a wrench (first a little, then a lot).
What's the trick to getting the metal-to-plastic connection to not leak?
Thanks a lot.