Hi, I am planning to install two ceiling fans in a covered and partially enclosed porch. Here is my question. There is a GFI outlet on the porch which I can tie into however this outlet is on the same circuit as the adjacent family room receptacles where my big screen LCD TV, home theatre, a floor lamp, etc. are found. I can also fairly easily run a line from the adjacent basement receptacles circuit which are very rarely used. So should I tie in to the lesser used circuit? or go with the GFI on the more heavily used circuit? I have used power tools, etc. off of the porch GFI while the TV, etc. are all on without any problems. The reason I ask is that it would be a bit easier tying into the GFI circuit and I like the idea of the fans being on the same circuit as the porches GFI outlet. BTW, both are 15 amp circuits. Thanks.