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    Default Gluing pressure treated shims

    I am getting ready to tear down my old porch and replace it. I will be using the old 1 3/8” crowned Trex for the field and the new Trex Accents 1.1” for the perimeter.
    On the top of the last 7” of each joist I need to add a 9/32” spacer so that the screw pattern will match. I know that I will need to pre drill the spacers, but what should I use to glue the strip to pressure treated. I read that “Gorilla” glue does not have a lasting bond on pressure treated.

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    Default Re: Gluing pressure treated shims

    I would not advise gluing the pressure treated lumber of any type for outdoor use.Better to screw,tack or nail the shims.

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    Default Re: Gluing pressure treated shims

    if i do glue exterior wood i use polyeurathane construction adhesive or a flex type sealant, both will have hold initially however the exterior caulking will tend to last longer
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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