I searched both TOH articles & blog Discussions and didn't find a comprehensive discussion of this, and so would appreciate any comments and your experience.

First, my asphalt driveway has several v-cracks that are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide and many smaller cracks that were previously filled.

My location: in Northern Virginia where overnight temperatures are below freezing in Dec/Jan/Feb; get 15-20 inches of snow and 43 inches of rain per year. The driveway circles around the house and slopes down 1+ story from above street level to basement level to a side-loading garage. It is about 75 feet long and has a 35 x 35 turning circle area -- my estimate is over 2,000 sf of asphalt.

I received a quote of $4,300 to repave with 2.5-inch asphalt (2" inch upon curing) and a cloth crack sealer that bonds to the cracks and won't be visible. They will grind the edges so the asphalt won't be overbuilt there.

This is about sealing the cracks (to prevent serious damage from winter conditions), eliminate future cracking and giving a nice appearance for 20 years. It's seems filling in the big cracks, without repaving, is only temporary and is unsightly (my wife needs it to look good).

The house is 46 years old and I think the driveway was repaved once (given 20 years for asphalt).

What are other things to consider and what should I ask the contractor to guaranty.

My wife also talked to a resealing contractor but I told her resealing is a different process and they wouldn't do a better at filling cracks than I would with big box supplies by myself.

My previous house in California had pavers - - I thought I had a good deal at $12/sq feet to breakup rebar concrete and replace with 12x12 pavers -- loved the look, longevity and lower susceptibility to cracking, but dropping $20,000+ of savings today on a house where all houses in my area will at least sink in value after the government reduces loan limits this fall is suicidal.

Trying to get opinions on the matter. Thanks.