We just had engineered hardwood flooring installed a couple of days ago. When I looked at it after the installers had left, I noticed that there was gapping between the boards all over the place - the boards weren't butted up tight to each other (inconsistent - some places were OK, some were not). I understood that with tongue and groove the boards should be tight together. It looks like they didn't tap them together enough. I have questioned the company, and they say this is "normal" for engineered hardwood installation and that the gaps will be filled with putty. What the heck - so my new wood floor is going to look like it has been grouted? We were opting for a natural finish - no stain. How can this possibly turn out OK? All my research has lead me to believe that the boards should have been butted up tightly together. I understand that over time and with changes in humidity a SOLID wood floor can gap, etc, but this engineered flooring is supposed to be very stable and have very little to no gapping over time. I really don't think that we should be starting out with gaps. I am so disappointed and unhappy - I just feel sick. Am I right?