My home is 100-years old this year and I'm in the process of removing vintage floor coverings from one of the bedrooms. Under the grungy carpet I found what seems to be some sort of early version of vinyl flooring. It has a smooth multi-colored surface but looks like it was made with materials similar to tar paper. Over 90-percent of the material came up easily as it was simply layed over the original fir flooring. Unfortunately it was glued down with some kind of adheasive along the seams. I've tried sanding the adheasive off the floor, but it quickly clogs up my belt sander belts, even if I use a very course grit. I'm worried about using chemical removers because I plan to paint the floor in the next week or two. So far the best way I've found to remove the stuff is using sharpened putty knife to sc**** it off the wood. This method is pretty slow and I occasionally gouge the wood (thankfully the distressed look is in). Does anyone know of an easier method for removing this adhesive?