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    Default Does concrete restoration last?

    Has anyone had long-term experience with any concrete restoration system?

    We have a 30 year old front "porch" on which the floor is one long pad of concrete, about 5' x 25', with no dividers. It's cracked in two places - no big surprise. It's also rather dirty and ugly.

    A contractor who is working on many things, including replacing the porch pillars, says the only thing that will last is tearing it out and replacing, probably with stamped concrete. I hate to do that - not only the money, but also the tendency to send everything to the dump and start over. But we want something which will last the 10-20 years we hope to stay in the house (we're a lively 70ish).

    Two questions:
    1. Does any kind of concrete patch and surface restoration last? Contractor says it doesn't - but there's those wonderful ads about restoration products.

    2. Would it be better to replace with well-laid concrete pavers or something?

    Thanks - ddel

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    Default Re: Does concrete restoration last?

    it depends on if its done correclty, properly prepping the old by chipping away bad areas and priming with a latex modifier will help.

    not being in a region with really bad freeze/ thaw cycles will help. i know here "Dryvit" aka latex modified stucco hardly lasts. our climate just doesnt allow it to work, plenty of it going up 5-10 years its getting repaired or replaced
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