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    Default Re: Home Inspection...What do I actually need to fix?

    Black Iron Pipe is just that, Iron Pipe that is NOT treated with a galvanized coating used for potable water systems. Either pipe is acceptable for Natural Gas, but Black Iron Pipe can NOT be used on potable or drinking water, since IT rusts easily. CPVC in my opinion is garbage and if NOT supported with Plastic strapping, pipe will vibrate and leak over time. If you consider re-piping using PEX with a Manifold System is most cost effective over Copper Tubing, which is still the best for potable water in my opinion...

    Depending on the age of the Water Mains in your city - there may be lead "service lines" that bring water from Cast Iron Water Mains to the Water Meter - even if this is the case, running your faucet for a several seconds will flush any lead from the system that might be present. Remember that ANY brass faucet has some lead in IT too, so running the water several seconds before drinking from your faucet is a good idea...

    There is no problem with a drain trap below the floor - not having proper venting is an issue on a pump fixture, which is what a washing machine is. You may have to use a plumber to fix this, since many times the trap has to be removed/replaced to add fittings necessary to vent properly...

    Many older homes have T&P or Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves with 3/8" O.D. copper drain lines, which are easily crimped. Also, if you have a small diameter T&P drain line, IT is probably time to replace the T&P Valve too. T&P drain lines generally must be made of a metallic pipe - either copper or galvanized iron pipe and sized to the T&P outlet on the water heater - usually 3/4"...

    The flue vent on a Gas Water Heater, if too close to a window and not above the Roof Line of your Home, can easily bring dangerous Carbon Monoxide Combustion Gases back into your home through the window if left open. Safety 1st Please...

    I hope this helps...

    Friendly Home Services Baton Rouge...

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    Default Re: Home Inspection...What do I actually need to fix?

    Black pipe is used for gas

    pvc can be used for COLD water but never for HOT water should all be CPVC or better yet COPPER

    have your mainline replaced with k copper find a contractor that can burst the old galvinised and insert copper so that the only excavating will be at the road and at the foundation of the house

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    Default Re: Home Inspection...What do I actually need to fix?

    As a home inspector in Chicago, I am limited to Illinois for specific answers to your questions. I would ask you to contact your inspector with these questions. Home purchase is a process that doesn't end after the inspection and sometimes clients have questions that need detailing. He/she should be willing to answer these questions and supply next steps on the process, in some cases the seller may be asked to correct deficiencies at their cost. Hope it helps

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