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    Is there an Epoxy coating that can be used in Florida to paint an old driveway that already was painted with regular paint?

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    There's no epoxy that will remove the old paint and stick to the concrete. The epoxy will stick to the old paint, and if that old paint decides to let go of the concrete, it'll take the epoxy off with it.

    Do you know what kind of paint is on the concrete now? Also, do you know how long that old paint has been on, and are there any areas where it's cracking and peeling off?

    You should also keep in mind that a driveway with "regular" paint or epoxy paint on it can be awfully slippery when it's wet.

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    Any surface applied material is only as good as the surface under it. In my 30+ years of construction work I've never seen new paint properly applied fail, but plenty of old paint underneath it come off. Epoxy will work for you for as long as what's there now is good- when it fails there goes your epoxy too. Epoxy will last longer as long it's there which makes it a better choice.


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    Those 2-part epoxies that are used for garage floors are never used for exterior surfaces. Indeed, the epoxy will always stop exactly under the overhead door.

    Further, the one thing that will prevent a guarantee by the epoxy coating company is the presence of moisture weeping up through the cement. The companies that do garage floor coatings will always check for moisture. The simplest test is to tape down heavy plastic for 24 hours and then pull it up to see if condensation is underneath.

    Also, epoxies that are wet become extremely slippery. It is possible to add a fine grit to the epoxy to give better traction.

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