I'm in escrow on a 125-year-old Victorian that needs various work done. One of the problems is that there is only one tiny bathroom, off the kitchen, and it has absolutely no ventilation. The two tall windows are an odd size, 8 panes, and they are original to the house so I would like to keep them. They are in good shape. Only problem is, they are not the kind of window that opens. So I'm looking at alternative ways to let moist air out.

What about an exhaust ceiling fan, like you see in apartment bathrooms with no windows? Would a ventilation system like this have to go through the attic?? I don't have an attic above the bathroom, since it was converted to a second floor with bedrooms in 1906. How difficult would this be without an attic? And do I need a plumber to install a new ventilation system, or what?

I have no idea how this bathroom was kept so clean all these years, with no way for the moist air to get out. He must have never taken showers??? I plan to convert the space above this bathroom into a second bathroom eventually, but do not currently have the funds to do so, so I need to make the current bathroom usable.

There is also the small problem of having a radio hard-wired inside the shower stall... Maybe the shower was only used for listening to music?