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    Cool Basement wall membrane, good idea?

    I am looking to see if anyone has experiences with basement wall membranes on the interior of the wall such as SuperSeal or Finish Shield with Flexi Flange.

    The Super Seal products are a dimpled membrane and the Finish Shield looks to be a smooth fabric.

    I have an open pit french drain on the inside of my basement and was going to attach one of these products to the wall down into the drain and cement the top of the drain. The basement was finished by the previous owners but since the drains were never covered up there is a lot of moisture in the air. I have never had water on the floor since the french drain was in stalled and no visible water on the walls, just dampness. Outside landscaping has all been taken care of.

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    Default Re: Basement wall membrane, good idea?

    Yep -- Superseal's dimple product works well also this similar product from Platon
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