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    Default Re: Congratulations to our Canadian Friends

    Quote Originally Posted by Nestor View Post
    As a Canadian, I can assure the Americans in here that MOST Canadians are capable of expressing their emotions without smashing a store window or setting fire to a parked car. All of us congratulate Boston on their win. There is no shame in losing cuz it took a strong team to go as far as the Canucks did in the playoffs.
    The same can be said of both sides of the border, it's just that the hooligans screw it up for all of us. We've had riots at our state fair, prompting the shutdown of the day/festivities that were catering to the very people who decided to riot. They only hurt themselves.
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    Default Re: Congratulations to our Canadian Friends

    one key thing to note though, the majority of the guys playing int he championship were canadians though. brad marchand being one of them who lives in my fair city, and goes to my gym he was there the other day
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