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    Default Should you paint exterior stucco?

    Is it safe or recommended to paint exterior stucco? I've been getting conflicting information about painting exterior stucco. Some claim that the stucco should be tinted and then reapplied because they claim stucco needs to breath. Painting the stucco will trap in moisture causing the stucco to deteriorate over time. While others claim it is safe to paint exterior stucco. Which one is right?

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    Default Re: Should you paint exterior stucco?

    If it has never been painted you should NOT paint it with paint you purchase from the local stores.
    The proper coating to use would be a Mineral paint
    Mineral paints are Silicate coatings.
    They will also Weather proof the stucco , comes in colors and stains.
    Check with:
    KEIM exterior coatings or Cathedral Stone products, Inc.
    The above companys will have all the correct materials for repairs.

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