I have an old Craftsman door that came off of my great Grandparents home. I want to use it on my renovated Craftsman home. I had the door cleaned and finished and am now ready for hardware. I found some beautiful Crafstman hardware that my heart is set on BUT now I find out that the smallest door thickness the set will work on is a 1.75"door. My door is a skinny 1.25". Short of starting my search for hardware ALL OVER again, is there anything I can do, which is pleasing to the eye, to make the 1.75" hardware work on my door? We thought about a wood plate, but, I don't think that would look too good. Would a metal plate be better? Will it look good? Do they make anything like that? Better yet, is there a site I can go that actually sells door hardware for skinny doors?? Please somebody help!!!! I REALLY REALLY want to use my Grandparents door and I have already put so much into getting it usable!

Thanks for any help or advise!