I live in an 1889 brick rowhouse in Capitol Hill (Washington DC). As part of a large renovation, we had our front windows replaced with Jeld Wen aluminum-clad wood, double hung, two by two windows. When they measured for the new windows they measured from the exterior (which I've been told is standard). At my request, they actually measured from some beautiful old exterior trim (not brick to brick), since we wanted to save the trim. Once the windows were installed we discovered that our exterior and interior rough openings are not the same. The exterior opening (brick to brick) is 34.5". The interior is 37.5". Because they measured from the trim, the difference is more like 8". So while the new windows look great from the outside, they are much too narrow on the inside. To compensate, the installers built wooden frames (about 4" wide) on either side of the wooden window on the interior. The windows look awful from the inside and they let in way less light than our old windows. We did not save any of the old windows to examine how they were constructed and are trying to find a solution that gives us back our light and beautiful windows. The total rough opening is about 15" deep, and I'm wondering if we could measure and install from the inside? Is there another brand of window we should be using? Has anyone encountered this kind of staggered rough opening before? (we've been told it's very rare around here). I'm hoping somebody out there might have some ideas for us and would appreciate any advice. Apologies for the lack of correct terminology in my post--I don't know much about this stuff.