I'm new here and didn't know where to post my question...

I am trying to figure out more about my house (1930 Cape Cod style). Two years ago, after a wind storm, I had to replace the aluminum siding. The siding guys were really surprised when they pulled off the siding and discovered metal or steel instead of wood sheathing. The frame is however wood.

My dad, who is quite experienced with construction and stuff, had done some work in the kitchen for me (moving and adding outlets, removing the old exhaust fan, etc.) and also noticed the metal in the walls and thought it was odd. It wasnít until the siding was removed that we saw the extent of it all though.

Has anyone heard of this before? The house is in a neighborhood where there are supposedly a lot of mail order kit homes; I looked for the clues, and I donít think that it is a kit house, especially because of the metal sheathing.

The house has a concrete block foundation and wood frame and metal (or steel?) sheathing. Itís one and a half stories with a shed dormer on the back side of the house. The interior walls are plaster. (Iíve tried to attach a photo of the house without the siding, but it says my jpeg isnít a valid image file, and no, it doesnít exceed the max size.)

I went to the county records office as well as a few other county and city offices to try to find the original building permit or other information, but Iíve gotten nowhere. They all look at me like Iím crazy to be asking for such information on a small house built in 1930... I was hoping someone here might know something about this type of house or construction. Thanks!!