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    Default Hardwood Floor Help

    My fiancé and I just bought a house (actually an old farm house that her grandfather grew up in). We tore up the old carpet (previous renters had cats in the house that peed everywhere, even though the rental agreement said NO pets inside), and found the original Pine floors (each board is nearly an inch thick). We rented a sander, but found that the old finish on them simply gummed up the pads (which were 5.75 a pack) after about 10 seconds. We consulter her grandfather who remembered that they had put "Gym Floor Coating Down" and not just varnish because they were fed up with the maintenance. I found that by chemically stripping the old floor using a gel type stripper that the sanding went much quicker and a lot cheaper (way less sanding pads ruined).

    However, now I'm concerned that some of the gel might just be sitting in the small gaps between each board, and I don’t want to put the new finish down just to have it ruined. Am I overly nervous about this or what would you recommend? We will wipe the entire floor down with mineral spirits before applying the new finish.

    Also, I know that with MINWAX floors water based poly, you have to put down a basecoat first (to help seal the wood and preven tanins from reacting and giving an uneven finish), is there something similar if you use Varathanes Diamond Floor Finish that you have to put down first to seal it?

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