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    Default Replacement part for old aluminum storm window

    Need a replacement part for an old aluminum storm window (Maybe 80's or 90's). Just bought the house and it's circa 1911. The "Opener/closer" for these triple track windows has a spring and a metal rod inside a groove on the botton of the window on each side of the window with tabs that stick out on the inside of the window. If you lift the tab it rotates the rod and a small tooth that holds the window up rotates and lets the window slide free. Aparently the weight of the window works against the tooth normally and holds the window at that height. The spring keeps the rod turned so that the tooth engages the sides of the track.

    One of the tabs is broken off of one of the rods and I can't rotate that side to open/close.

    Does anyone know what brand windows these are and if so, do you know if there are replacement parts available. I was able to remove the broken one without much trouble, now I need a new one.


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    Default Re: Replacement part for old aluminum storm window

    If you can borrow a digital camera and take a picture of the part you need, I'd e-mail that picture to these guys:


    They're the biggest supplier of replacement door and window parts I know of.

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