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Good riddance indeed. In the mean time Phillips Halogena bulbs are a good alternative. There energy saving, dimmable, long lasting and, affordable.
Well, appeciate everyone's comments, but in the meantime, 2 more of my PAR40 CFL's went out -- $19 down the ceramic drain -- now 13 CFL's from 2 brands have gone dead in 3 months since I've move in the house. I still don't know why.

In the meantime, there seems to be anti-CFL sentiment out there. I went to CFL's many years ago because lower power was less stress on my homes that had old wiring; then changing less often was an advantage although they too would succumb to electronics burnout from heat, and finally, they didn't heated up my home in the summer.

The new CFL's have a lot of color tempertaure choices and allowed me to dump that horrible soft white (it was yellow) color. Halogen, like Phillips Halogena and GE full spectrum, are only about 200 whiter (2900K instead of 2700K). I love the 4100-500K ones althought the 3500K are OK.

Today, LED's are not only very expensive, but also bulb-for-bulb, have less lumens than its equivalent. For example, if you're replacing a 60w (800-850 lumens) incandescdent or CFL (13w) with a LED, you're probably getting only 450 lumens and I think many LED manufacturers are using a loophole to not even publish lumens and just say "replaces 60w bulb".

CFL's are more expensive and I wouldn't want to drop one to avoid mercury contamination (remember mercury temperature guages we had 20 years ago ?). However, CFL's are the best choice right now.

In the meantime, I'm burning through a lot CFL's in a 1965 house which has never happened to me like this since I've been using circlelines and CFL's for 30 years.