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    Question mini split ductless air conditioning

    My contractor is suggesting two single zone mini splits thus two condensers, rather than two indoor wall units attached to a single condenser. This move is to save us some money. Is this reasonable? It would seem, if something went wrong with one of them, the whole system is not down, as it would be with one condenser. However, will the cost to run two smaller condensers be greater than the cost to run one large condenser? I would appreciate opinions on either of these options. Thanks,
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    Default Re: mini split ductless air conditioning

    (1) first, ask what hardware the contractor is proving: Samsumg, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi or a China-based company (like Soleus, Haier, etc.). You can Google the net for spec sheets to determine energy use. I expect 2 1-air handlers to be about the same as 1 2-air handler systems because they both should have the same high SEER. Personally, I suspect the contractor is giving you what he has in stock or have a good price from his supplier.

    (2) 2 units will require 2 dedicated electric circuits. If the 2 units are below 10,000 BTU, it may just need 120V circuits. If they needs 240V, then cabling 2 240V circuits may cost a little more than 1 240V circuit for 1 condenser.

    (3) It takes a little more outdoor space to accomodate 2 condesers than a larger 1 condenser.

    I'm used to seeing pricing (hardware & isntallation) for 1 2-airhandler systems for $5-$6K (bi-coasts), so if you can get the same cooling capacity with 2 condensers, looks OK to me (but for accomodating 2 air condensers outdoors).

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