Last weekend I finished putting together a screen door for my kitchen/back porch entry.
I was given some clear fir stock, and that gave me the impetus to finally build it. The tools I used were
Mortising machine
Drill Press
Table saw
marking gages and layout tools
Scary-sharp chisels and handplanes
Japanese fine-cut dovetail saw
The joints are all mortise and tenon, except for three half-laps, in logical places to simplify assembly.
The door is 1 3/8" thick, and has a rabbet around the entire inside border to accept a screen panel like for an Andersen window. The crossrails/stiles are 1" thick on the interior portions to accept the screen.
I will also procure a piece of 1/4" plexiglass to fill the door for winter.
Aside from having the screen and plexiglass made, since the material was free, I only have spent $25 on the door project, and that was for the solid brass hardware (knobs,plates,hinges) I found on ebay.

This is a two-weekend project. Figure another half-day's time to hang, then finish. I think I'm going to stain it light, protect with spar varnish.

This photo is from the dry-fit: